Reader’s Advisory: Open House for Butterflies


Open House for Butterflies by Ruth Krauss and illustrated by Maurice Sendak is just lovely. I came across it at the Birmingham Public Library and had to secure a copy of my own for my kids. The verse is lyrical, at times nonsensical – as if a preschooler had written it, but it is also perfectly sweet and poetic and charming. Sendak’s children are beautifully round and slightly disheveled, as most kids are, and they dance through the pages with indifferent aplomb. This book will make you feel good; it will make your children feel good. It is silly and smart and not at all like anything written today. Ruth Krauss is the reason we have Maurice Sendak’s work – she gave him a chance when no one would – and the books they collaborated on are genius. If you are looking for a lovely picture book to share with your family, Open House for Butterflies will be a hit for all ages. 


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