The Missing Link

   Work in progress.  Drag queen story hour.  Books that made me want to be a librarian.   Prince Charles & rare books.  Books that teach kindness.  Repurposed vintage books. 

The Missing Link

   11 books with amazing sequels.  How not to worry about teenagers reading.  Women resting miserably.  Overdue library books.  Anthony Burgess Actual books.  Gifted and learning disabled.  Henry James at work. 

Reader’s Advisory

   I’m pausing from my SLIS studies while spending time in the hospital with my little girl, River. She may be small but they are never too small to be read to – and we are enjoying this book, The Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier.  This lovely board book is perfect for reading…

The Missing Link

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   I will be back as soon as I’m able – my daughter surprised me by coming early (2 months early!) and is spending time in the hospital. All is well, but I’m going to concentrate on fattening her up. BRB, y’all. 

   Best book art

The Missing LinkĀ 

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The Missing Link

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The Missing Link

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