IT Adventures: What I Have Learned

LS 560 has thus far been an adventure in remembering skills I have used in a previous life and also remembering how frustrating creating websites can be. One mistake and you are lost in a sea of code trying to figure out where you went wrong. It commands patience. (Did I mention I am an Aries, and that means I do not do well with patience?)

Truth be told though, it is immensely rewarding to get it right. The HTML doesn’t scare me as much as the CSS, but my first foray into it hasn’t been too terribly scary. The thing that I had to abandon (but will return to once I have figured out the ins and outs of it) is changing font families on CSS. I attempted to change my fonts but nothing happened. In fact, it turned the website white and the fonts stayed exactly the same. I tried and tried again to no avail. I think I need to revisit the W3Schools directions again. I was a bit disappointed in my inability to get it to work.

I was able to change the title on my own, through directions on the W3schools (I like their site and simple directions) and then I also searched through hexadecimal code and found a nice sage green color that I like for the website. I think my next trick will be to see what other colors go with this color, using one of those color picker sites.

I am definitely enjoying this class more than I thought I would. I find myself appreciating the evenings where I work on the videos/website once my kids have gone to sleep, head buried in headphones and lit by the computer screen, the professor egging me on to push myself farther. But I will mess up the code! Even with a backup document! Argh! Hahaha. That’s how the nights go, the sleeping children near me, the anxiety of messing up something that I am really only just getting to know. But for now, these exercises are fun, and spaced out enough that I feel I am learning, and at the right pace.



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  1. juliahdee says:

    Wow! Your blog is an interesting read! I love that it seems more personal and isn’t just purely “academic” posts. By the way, congratulations on Baby #3!
    Like you, I also found learning HTML to be surprisingly rewarding. I like that I always have that “Aha!” moment when I learn to create something new.

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