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I’m pausing from my SLIS studies while spending time in the hospital with my little girl, River. She may be small but they are never too small to be read to – and we are enjoying this book, The Day You Were Born by Debra Frasier

This lovely board book is perfect for reading to newborns. It makes you weep, because it describes so perfectly the relationship between the earth and humans – the endless cycle of birth and rebirth and the complex universal patterns drawing us all together. I read this title to my firstborn while still in utero and it made me feel close to her, it made me less scared about the uncertainty of birth. 

It really is beautifully written. My daughter is 11 days old and still in the hospital. Reading to her gives me comfort and allows her the rhythmic pleasure of my voice, and the themes I’m reading about, well it’s moving. It’s a lovely way to connect with her.  



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  1. Very belated congratulations Rachel! Hope you are now home with your little one. I too love this book. I remember reading it to my youngest, now soon to be 12. Enjoy this time! – Damaris

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