Dirk Gently, Raspberry Leaf, & ADHD

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Resources: The Importance of Diversity

There is a wonderful white paper published by ALA called, The Importance of Diversity in Library Programs and Material Collections for Children by Dr. Jamie Naidoo. It has a wealth of resources at the end of the article showcasing diversity references and resources. Check it out here.    

Ronald Dahl, Socratic Discussions, & Afrofuturism

Calvin & Hobbes Added to gifted classes Roald Dahl for adults Ten obsolete words Afrofuturism Feedback improves relationships The downside of gifted Going beyond Socratic discussion How to parent like a German Bilingual storytime Oldest map of Scotland How old were the founding fathers?

Dear Alan Moore, Hating Gifted  Kids, & Loneliness 

Reading & writing Resources for mindfulness in education Class rewards that aren’t food Loneliness & empathy  America hates it’s gifted kids Dear Alan Moore, Books connecting students and scientists Use your fingers Five horror reads Start building knowledge Reads YA novels The talk