Rebuilding Louisiana, Kid Lit Jerks, & Legos

Legos and libraries Writers in Paris Great rooms of children’s literature Kid lit jerks Making anxiety worse Rebuilding LA Playing music Put the laptops up Byron burning Education inequality Comic on cliches Advertisements

Amuse Bouche

After I get the kids in bed, straighten the kitchen, then realize the loads of work I have to do for school: // via GIPHY

Clue, Philosophers, & Secret Libraries 

Not a math person 3-D arm Unconventional children’s books Most influential living philosophers Mindfulness I the mind Does our giftedness bother you? Secret libraries Books to curb entitlement Radical flaneurserie Books for people who love Clue

Braille Tablets, Dsylexia, & the Hugos

Dyslexia and math INFP What teens need from parents Not meant to bounce back Struggling in class First Braille tablet Better children’s stories Why we read YA a dangerous fantasy? Hugos Teachers desperate to be taught Lesser known classics

Mary Bennett, Includers, & Illiterate Kindergarteners

Mary Bennett Cracking consciousness 5 gateway books Differentiation Book vending machine Teachers and mindfulness Interest in creative writing Joyful illiterate kindergarteners IncludeRs  Fantasy heroines Stop telling kids what to read Planning homeschool Original thinking

Beyond Neptune, the Math Revolution, & Language Facts

Language facts Free play Get down to actual writing Little house on the prairie Beyond Neptune Departure from the laws of thermodynamics Ten tips for mentoring new teachers The math revolution We’ve stopped translating books into English Tracking mental health habits Moms raising sons

Alabama Wonders, Ted Hughes, & Spinning Ginger

5 skills Living with anxiety Alabama wonders Spinning ginger Phobias in your genes Aged-based curriculum leaves students unchallenged Changing school culture through literacy What we see when we read Life saving librarian Ted Hughes Evolution of children’s literature

Amuse Bouche

// via GIPHY

John Steinbeck, Math, & Delayed Kindergarten 

Delayed kindergarten Teaching literature Joy of children’s books The librarian who changed children’s lit forever Fifth force of nature? Building resilience in children Invisible students College divide John Steinbeck Too broke for the Internet Project based Learning Math

Psychokinesis, D&D, & Misfits

Principals as leaders in literacy Mindful pauses The weary teacher All the misfits are lonely Psychokinesis? In other countries Books about empathy Reading changes their brains! D&D Language as magic Mindfulness for kids First day read alouds