IT Fluency



I am a second year student at the University of Alabama Library and Information Science program, and a mother of three. We live in Birmingham, Alabama with our lab mix T.J. I am focused on bibliotherapy and gifted children in the public library, and have a website which explores this topic as I study it. I enjoy writing poetry and reading in spare time, symphonic music, and my favorite shows are Outlander, Mozart in the Jungle, or any period piece based in the UK.

I am 37 and I began my journey with information technology at a fairly young age. We had a Commodore 64 in our house and I was obsessed with playing Zork and Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I even played around on BBS boards. I learned the basics of HTML from a friend and set up a website for my poetry. (Geocities? Angelfire?) And I used an Apple II to layout the creative writing magazine in high school. It was one of the few classes with computers in it. Fast forward to 2005ish, when I worked for an independent book publisher as a marketing director – I became intimately familiar with social media. We had a very small budget and viral marketing worked wonders for getting the word out about book trailers, reviews, and author events at very little cost.

I feel relatively at ease with technology, save for the coding part. I’m willing to take it on, to learn whatever new information technology is next. I kind of jump in and wade through. My mother is the same way. She is obviously of a different generation from me, turns 60 in March, and was presented with computers around the same time as me. (Although she did not share my fascination with Zork.) She knows how to use her smart phone, attach pictures to emails, upload documents, and she gets around on Facebook just fine. She even runs a page for her favorite sports team and makes funny memes. Still, if you were to ask her how to run Microsoft Word or Excel, she would not be as familiar with it. She could eventually figure it out, but she was not made to use those programs for school or her professional work. She uses Facebook but only lurks on Twitter, and never uses Instagram. She’s never built a website or even thought about the HMTL that goes behind a site. Obviously it is a generational gap that has produced her ignorance of certain programs but overall, she’s actually quite savvy about technology for a woman of her age. She makes memes for crying out loud. She has basic IT skills and concepts but she lacks the “intellectual capabilities.” The fun thing about her, though, is that if you introduced her to it, she’d be on it in a heartbeat. She’s quite quick.

I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge in IT.



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  1. Interesting thoughts on bibliotherapy and gifted children (my family was involved with the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children). Great old games – it’s been a while since I was eaten by a grue.


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