IT Fluency 2.0



You know what? The modules in this course have been a welcome distraction to the absolute insanity that is 2017. I put on my headphones, wade through HTML awkwardly until it works out, and then go to sleep. Honestly, I have enjoyed learning this process and feel as if I have definitely become more fluent.

I have been trying to add in extra credit points and I like using the w3 school website. So easy to grab extra HTML to make it look better. For some reason I feel like when I took a month and some of this class last spring, it was harder than this. Perhaps I’m not as clouded since I’m not 7 months pregnant.

When I do get the language right and it makes something out of nothing for the website, I feel a bit of a thrill and I think that is why working with the w3 site has been fun. I have found it to be refreshing to add new frills to it. I am eager to see how  I will feel after finishing the modules in the first assignment. I think that designing the “look” has been the most difficult. It is hard for me to design how things will appear – I can see it and decide whether or not it is pleasing to the eye, but when it is in creation, I cannot. I keep changing it.




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