IT Fluency 3.0


HTML was rewarding – I finished with a website and it was built from scratch. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but it was an accomplishment. My issue with HTML is its tediousness. One wrong move and the whole thing goes up in flames. I can say I did it. That’s what counts. Now, onto Unix and Usability.

I like Unix. I like it’s simplicity; I like being on the back end of things, trying to move items around that people don’t think about even being there. It feels stealthy, and nerdy. I love those kind of things.

Usability is something that I’ve worked on before. Since I am taking courses slightly out of sync with the rest of my cohort, I’ve already had Research Methods, which has prepared me for Usability. We went in depth about the usability of websites, apps, etc. and also really picked apart the survey process. Research Methods was THE HARDEST class I’ve taken at UA. I loved it and hated it. I feared for my 4.0 – but came out a better person in the end (and with my beloved 4.0 still intact, yeehaw!) I have a deep respect for people who perform research and analysis of any kind and I’m trying to revisit these key concepts as I work with my group to question the structure of the National Archives site.



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