Cyber-Terror is a term that I have heard in the past but it meant nothing to me. I knew its definition vaguely, I knew it would be disastrous, still it never made an impression on me one way or another. I definitely did not think about it as a large threat to my reality, or my family’s safety. Now that we have examined the various facets of information technology espionage and terrorism, I see where the threat exists and is quite real. It is safe to say that I misjudged the magnitude of the problem.

I think that not finding this as a real threat is a problem for both the civilians and the government. I’m not entirely sure what citizens can do to aid in thwarting cyber-terrorism, but I think it needs to be of their concern. We need to put people in office who will take such threats seriously. There is a world-wide climate of chaos, it seems, and with the role that technology plays in everyone’s lives, this sort of real-life threat needs to be assessed. With the recent reveal that Russia had a part to play in the past election, it is obvious that invasion by cyber means is already a reality this country is facing.


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