Thoughts on Cyber-Terrorists, Strategy



Do I think cyber-terrorism is a threat? Yes.

Do I think the government uses it as hysteria to record and share information about our citizens? Yes.

I think we need to protect our critical infrastructure from cyber attack. We need to make sure our water, our transportation hubs, our power sources are protected. But can’t we do that without invading the personal privacy of its citizens?

As the article states, “simply being in cyberspace does not satisfy the definition of terrorism.” But it mentions the very mentioning of “cyber-terrorism” generates interest, clicks, bodies tuning in to hear about the latest speculation of possible attack. The media feeds off this interest, and the government uses it to mine information about its citizens.

The confusion of the public lies in the misrepresentation cyber-terror vs. cyber-crime in the news. Defining what is the former vs. the latter is important, and as information professionals, we can inform the public at the libraries and schools what defines these terms. If the public understands what is at stake in reality rather than what is manufactured through general hysteria, they might we less willing to approve legislation that takes away their rights of privacy because they know what is really going on.

One can hope, anyway.


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