Thoughts on War Games



I remember this movie from my childhood. I was fairly young when I saw it and the memory is only that I enjoyed it. Or perhaps I enjoyed Matthew Broderick’s boyish charm.

It was nice seeing computer technology in its infancy and how the world didn’t understand what was possible but a few individuals were there, on the edge of the advancements sort of leading the way. I do believe that the artificial intelligence that was presented in the movie was believable in the age the movie was made. It had begun to learn, and learn differently than we do, and most were suspicious of the intelligence within the machine.

I do have major skepticism in regards to technology. Although I do use it, appreciate the power within the entire system of technology and the internet, it also bothers me. I have to take breaks from the connectivity, and I do not rely on the computer or “cloud” to save documents for me, because I do not think that it is forever. I believe we will continue to advance, and our technology with us, but I do not think we allow it to overtake us. We have evolved this far – I think we can even outwit the machines we design to take our place.


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