Thoughts on We Are Legion



Anonymous. Sigh. I like that they evolved from memes and trolling to helping with revolutions. I do think there is an issue with a group that isn’t a group and doesn’t have direction or a leader. There will always be rogue actors, there will always be dissent, there will be chaos – so although Anonymous has done good work, at the heart of its being, it will always be a loosely based trolling operation, which acts for laughs alone, and laughs at others’ expense. (Even if it is moral good.)

4Chan (and any other sort of Silk Road/Dark Web stuff) just kind of scares me. Basically because I’ve always been a scaredy cat. It just makes me uncomfortable. It makes my husband fascinated – but I just pretend it isn’t there. I appreciate what it is, and think that it provides a place for certain people, but I’m just not interested.


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