How Can Bookmarking and Tagging Benefit You in Your Desired Field?


I have many incarnations of my social media life. It began a long time ago, but, I really delved into the social media world with LiveJournal,  when I was younger and felt it was necessary to write emo diary entries for the world. I moved on to a website that I kept up for purely creative reasons, where I posted art, poetry, links that were of interest for me. In the last site, I made use of tagging, and I found that because of the sheer number of posts that I made, tagging them well caused traffic to end up at my site from all kinds of users from across the world. My traffic began to increase over time and it was actually a lot of fun to see how my site was visited by people from everywhere at all hours of the day.

When I worked for the local public library, I helped with the food festival called Eat Drink Read Write. It was a very popular festival, and that year we amped up our social media presence. We added Pinterest (pinned recipes and books in various categories), Facebook (posted each day showing books available for checkout in the library in various food-related categories), and Twitter (our Facebook page was routed to post there as well), and also posted reviews, etc. on our library blog page. All of this was tagged, with the festival name as well as with whatever topic we were discussing at the time (food trucks, Asian cuisine, etc.). People definitely noticed our page, it was in their feed every business day, and it was continuously reminding people that the festival was coming up. The festival was a great success and I think the increased social media presence definitely helped.

Social media and libraries are really complimentary. It puts the information professional out there to interact with the public and shows the benefits and holdings of the library. It reminds patrons to visit the library, and by marking it online with tags, it reaches an even greater audience. It may not be a physical person who can come into your library (they may be across the country) but gives your library relevance, interaction, and purpose. I absolutely love the back and forth interaction of the Orkney and Shetland libraries in Scotland. I live for their sass. If I were to ever find myself in Scotland, I would definitely visit these out of the way libraries because I absolutely love what they’ve done online. It’s just one example of how libraries have used a social media presence, tagging, and an eager audience to make a name for themselves.

*******Re: Reddit*******

When our tagging and bookmarking assignment was changed to Reddit, I kind of got sweaty palms. I’m not comfortable there for two reasons, and it was perhaps my own self-fulfilling prophesy that caused me to run screaming from there. I know Reddit only by periphery. My husband is comfortable with it, used it extensively years ago, and I think it is a worthy site, it just isn’t for me. The two reasons I don’t like it are: Trolling and Comments. I despise the comment section of ANY website because it is either inane or mean, and the trolling is just a part of who Reddit is, and trolling is bullying to me, which makes me upset for obvious reasons.

I know there is more to Reddit than that, but those are the things that stick with me. And lo and behold, I get called out (albeit politely for Reddit, a la Librarian-style) for not using the platform correctly. Reddit is not a bookmarking site, and as soon as someone asked me what I was doing by tagging an article I submitted, there were flags thrown up everywhere. These people are a tight-knit group, they know their regular users, and a group of us walking in and talking about a specific topic would have driven them mad.

And a couple people said they were even banned from the group, which echoed my worries. All in all, it was a harrowing experience for me, because I don’t feel comfortable with doing anything other than lurking at Reddit. Twitter? I can do. Blogs? I can do. I don’t want to go to battle with a menacing anonymous mob at Reddit. It makes the introvert nerd in me frightened.



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  1. cj910 says:

    Rachel, you’re much more familiar with social media than me. I joined Twitter halfheartedly a few years ago to explore what all the fuss was about but have never regularly used my account, and I only joined Facebook last year. It was interesting to read that you’re almost a social media pro! I love the idea that you utilized during the food festival of posting a related book on Facebook – how fun and thought-provoking would that be during Banned Books Week? I think your terminology of social media and libraries as “complimentary” is outstanding. What good would social media be for libraries if its purpose/goal was not outreach to our respective communities? We want to tell parents about summer reading programs for their kids, we want to advertise practical healthy cooking classes for diabetics, and we want to make sure freshmen know about free food in the library during finals week! And, as I think you suggest, today social media boosts libraries’ daily presence in patrons’ lives if nothing else, and thus might sway citizens to support continued funding for libraries.

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  2. First, I ❤ your writing style and that meme! I found your discussion of using social media effectively to be highly engaging and informative, and I am sure that your experience using social media to its fullest potential has been a true asset to your library. I enjoyed your example about the festival, and was wondering your thoughts on what makes an organization's or business's use of social media to promote events or interact socially successful or unsuccessful. I find that organizations/businesses that function successfully on social media do so because they approach the tools differently than an individual. Those that are unsuccessful, likewise, seem to be because they try to use the tools the same way they would on their personal accounts. I would love to know how you use these tools differently for work and as an individual (given your comfort level in both capacities), and what ways have you found these differences to aid in the purposes behind using social media in those two roles. P.S. Re: Reddit. All I can say is THANK YOU for those thoughts. I was super uncomfortable as well with it and am very glad that we are not using this platform in this class any longer.


    1. Hey! Thank you for the kind words.

      I think that businesses and personal social media approaches can be similar in some ways – you can take a casual tone depending on the organizational framework of the biz/corporation that seems familiar without being too familiar. If it draws the patron or consumer in with a friendly tone, they are likely to engage. But you also can’t be too familiar and engage with individuals too much. There’s a fine line between familiarity and involvement. But I am not an expert by any means, merely offering an opinion. I think that using humor, current trends, memes can help a business by showing they’re “with it” and it intrigues customers. (Denny’s Tumblr, the libraries in Scotland, etc).


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