Cyber-Terror is a term that I have heard in the past but it meant nothing to me. I knew its definition vaguely, I knew it would be disastrous, still it never made an impression on me one way or another. I definitely did not think about it as a large threat to my reality, or…

Global Cyber Espionage

I do believe this is a new type of war, but new is a funny term. I think as long as the internet has been a thing that citizens use, there has been attacks on citizens as well as government entities. People always find a way to get new technologies to work for them, especially…


Deckle Edge – 1. The rough irregular edge of a sheet of paper after it leaves the deckle and before it is trimmed. 2. An imitation of this, produced in a trimmed sheet of paper by sawing, tearing, etc. 

Thoughts on s.754 – Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act

This moves the responsibility from the private businesses to government, regarding cyber-security, and it makes private individuals’ information subject to exposure to government entities. The main tenant of this bill is that it makes it easier for companies to share personal information with the government under the guise of keeping America safe from cyber attack….

IT Fluency 3.0

HTML was rewarding – I finished with a website and it was built from scratch. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but it was an accomplishment. My issue with HTML is its tediousness. One wrong move and the whole thing goes up in flames. I can say I did it. That’s what counts. Now, onto…

IT Fluency 2.0

You know what? The modules in this course have been a welcome distraction to the absolute insanity that is 2017. I put on my headphones, wade through HTML awkwardly until it works out, and then go to sleep. Honestly, I have enjoyed learning this process and feel as if I have definitely become more fluent….

IT Fluency

I am a second year student at the University of Alabama Library and Information Science program, and a mother of three. We live in Birmingham, Alabama with our lab mix T.J. I am focused on bibliotherapy and gifted children in the public library, and have a website which explores this topic as I study it….

Joey Not Jenny, Math, Story time

Books your children will like What?!? Calm down corner Upsetting the book lover Domestic violence affects all children in the class Story time Adding math Connecting with scientists Joey not Jenny Undermining inclusivity Stress

The Civil War, Bill Nye, & Fidgeting 

Mental health in schools Let kids fidget Librarian avengers Icelandic tradition Pre-Raphaelite muse Bill Nye Decoding Civil War telegrams Book lovers Life lessons from Pooh Asynchronous