IT Fluency 3.0

HTML was rewarding – I finished with a website and it was built from scratch. It wasn’t perfect by any stretch, but it was an accomplishment. My issue with HTML is its tediousness. One wrong move and the whole thing goes up in flames. I can say I did it. That’s what counts. Now, onto…

IT Fluency 2.0

You know what? The modules in this course have been a welcome distraction to the absolute insanity that is 2017. I put on my headphones, wade through HTML awkwardly until it works out, and then go to sleep. Honestly, I have enjoyed learning this process and feel as if I have definitely become more fluent….

IT Fluency

I am a second year student at the University of Alabama Library and Information Science program, and a mother of three. We live in Birmingham, Alabama with our lab mix T.J. I am focused on bibliotherapy and gifted children in the public library, and have a website which explores this topic as I study it….

IT Adventures: What I Have Learned

   LS 560 has thus far been an adventure in remembering skills I have used in a previous life and also remembering how frustrating creating websites can be. One mistake and you are lost in a sea of code trying to figure out where you went wrong. It commands patience. (Did I mention I am…

IT Adventures: An Introduction

  For my LS 560 course, we are delving into the world of technology. I will create my own website, keep up with a blog, and create a database. Dr. Bonnici asked about our IT fluency – and here is an introduction to MY introduction to technology: I suppose I was a fairly early adopter…